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We are extremely well-versed in Workers’ Comp and offer ROC Connect to track progress and paperwork for both patients and referring entities.

Work-related accidents happen but outcomes require planning. These injuries can be devastating when they do occur. They can be debilitating and interfere with your ability to work and earn a living. Whether your injury is the result of a workplace accident or repetitive stress, you can count on the doctors and staff at ROC to provide you with the orthopedic care and treatment you need to recover.

Workers’ compensation benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide a financial cushion for workers that are injured at work or while performing work-related activities. These benefits are paid by the employer’s insurer to meet expenses resulting from injuries such as medical care and lost wages for the period you are out of work while recovering. ROC is an extremity injury workers’ compensation clinic that has provided treatment to injured workers for years. Our doctors will provide you with a thorough evaluation and develop an appropriate treatment plan to optimize your recovery.

Get the care you need faster

We are a worker comp clinic that is well-versed with workplace injuries and workers’ compensation. We make it easy for workers to receive the care they need. Our goal is to not only provide treatment for your physical injuries but also to ease the burden of paperwork involved when making a workers’ compensation claim.

Access the paperwork you need online, fill them out, upload the paperwork and supporting documents, and track your status all on ROC Connect. Getting the care you need couldn’t be easier.

Have you been injured at work, at home, or other activities such as playing sports and need orthopedic treatment? We accept walk-ins! Our highly experienced staff of orthopedic surgeons will promptly evaluate your injuries and same-day surgical procedures can be done when necessary. Start your treatment today so you can get back to your daily activities as soon as possible.

Connecting you to ROC.

Access patient paperwork online, track status, upload documents. All in one place.