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Emergency Services at the Push of a Button in Houston, TX

At Reconstructive Orthopedic Center, we are offering ROC911 program for your ease. If you activate our ROC911 program, it will alert the emergency department and we’ll provide immediate care. For more information, contact us today or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1200 Binz St #100, Houston, TX 77004. We serve patients from Houston TX, Midtown TX, Montrose TX, MacGregor TX, South Central Houston TX, Old Braeswood TX, and surrounding areas.

Emergency Services at the Push of a Button
Emergency Services at the Push of a Button

Access ROC immediately using the ROC911 program. Referring partners can contact ROC with the push of a button. Activating the ROC911 program instantly alerts the scheduling department to contact the partner and initiates the ASAP protocol for providing immediate treatment. The ROC surgeons, facilities, clinic staff, and operating room personnel are mobilized and prepared to receive the patient as soon as they arrive at the ROC location.

Program Highlights:

  • Each ROC partner can receive a ROC911 button. Also dedicated shortcut for smartphone access if desired.
  • This program uses a cellular technology button so no wifi or internet connection is required. The button can be relocated and is active anywhere there is cell service.
  • Immediate access to ROC scheduling group
  • Confirmation (email or text) delivered to partner
  • Avoids phone tree, holding for next available operator, etc.
  • Kick-starts ROC ASAP process
  • After hours use of the button will directly contact the on-call surgeon.
  • Button can be used for immediate contact (single push) or urgent contact (double push).

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