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Injuries happen. When they do, you can count on ROC.

Our dedicated team is there for you when you’re injured, whether it happened on or off the clock. No matter where or how you’ve sustained the injury, ROC is the dependable stepping stone in a strong and solid recovery.


Our goal is to restore maximum function as quickly as possible.

Providing treatment the first week after trauma is critical to a successful recovery, so we always accept walk-ins and offer same-day surgery on-site. We call this the Orthopedic Golden Week. This is a time when injuries need to be assessed and treated under the best possible circumstances.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients who have sustained an injury. Our patients are seen in a state-of-the-art clinic facility, obtain diagnostic studies here, work with certified physical therapists, and have surgery when needed in our accredited ambulatory surgical center. Your injury may need a simple cast, or a more complex treatment, or even surgical procedures. ROC physicians are board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons, who specialize in the treatment of orthopedic traumas.


We speak Workers’ Comp. Fluently.

We are extremely well-versed in Workers’ Comp and offer ROC Connect to track progress and paperwork for both patients and referring entities.

If you’ve recently sustained an injury, are feeling the effects of a traumatic event, or need help correcting a previous treatment that has not fixed your orthopedic injury, please contact us today for a consultation.


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