Sports Medicine Specialist

When life throws you a curve ball.

ROC specializes in providing comprehensive care for sports orthopedic injuries and conditions, treating athletes of all ages and levels of sport, whether recreational, high school, college, or professional. ROC aims to provide the highest quality of healthcare that is both comprehensive and affordable for the athlete.

Our patients are seen in a state-of-the-art clinic, receive diagnostic studies from high-quality X-ray/CT/MRI facilities, work with certified hand/occupational/physical therapists, and if necessary, have their surgery in our JCAHO/Medicare accredited ambulatory surgical center.


The Gold Medal of Orthopedics.

ROC physicians utilize cutting-edge, innovative treatments and procedures to treat injuries. Utilizing a minimally-invasive approach reduces tissue trauma which allows for accelerated rehabilitation and a quick return to activity.

If you’re looking to treat a sports injury, prevent future injuries, or to perform your best as an athlete ROC is the right call.


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