ROC Plus

Injury control at your fingertips

ROC at the control of your fingertips

ROC offers a HIPPA compliant portal that links 6 apps to facilitate an immediate response from the ROC team when unexpected injuries occur at the workplace. Enrollment is free with no obligations.

What is ROC Plus?

Roc plus is a free portal that contains six Apps to provide immediate access to board-certified fellowship-trained surgeons and ROC staff when injuries occur unexpectedly at the workplace.

  • ROC 911
  • ROC University
  • ROC Connect
  • ROC Live
  • ROC Finance
  • ROC Contacts

Is ROC plus a secure portal?

Yes, ROC Plus is HTTPS Encrypted with password protection.

Who can sign up for ROC plus?

ROC Plus is a tool designed for all safety professionals and patients alike.

How do I enroll for ROC plus?

After meeting with a ROC Ambassador, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox with a set of step by step instructions.

Is there a charge for enrollment?

No, ROC Plus actually decreases cost, saves time, saves money, and guarantees the best outcome.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can, after reaching out to a ROC Ambassador, an email will be sent to your inbox with a set of step-by-step instructions on the cancellation process.

What is ROC 911?

ROC 911 is a triage app that directly communicates with the schedulers at ROC during business hours. When activated, it sends a text message to our scheduling department requesting a same-day appointment for an injured worker. Our schedulers can contact the safety manager within minutes to provide assistance and coordination for patient treatment.

What is ROC University?

ROC University is an app that gives safety managers access to various educational videos, case reports, testimonials, and lectures pertinent to the injured worker.

What is ROC Connect?

ROC Connect is a HIPPA compliant, secure app that connects the payer of a patient’s account directly to our website to access medical records that provide the diagnosis, treatment, medication, work status, and treatment recommendations.

What is ROC Live?

ROC Live is a telemedicine app that allows a safety manager to contact an on-call physician when an injury occurs after hours. Our physician determines the extent of the injury and assists in triaging the patient for proper treatment.

Is ROC Contact call service 24/7?

No, ROC contact operates between Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  ROC live is 24/7 available for the doctors in case of an emergency but is usually used after hours.

What is ROC Finance?

ROC Finance is a placeholder for an employers’ credit card information through a secure network approved by the employer when an injured worker requires same-day surgery or not filing on their insurance. ROC Finance permits smooth coordination for same-day surgery so that the employee can return to work the next day.

How do I check my balance on ROC finance?

Login to your ROC Plus Account, go to ROC Finance Settings and, click on Balance Payment History. Go to Next Payment and click on Online Payment Options.

What is ROC Contact?

ROC Contacts is a directory of ROC department directors that includes scheduling, clinic, therapy, surgery, and finance to have immediate access to information at the highest level. It also contains the contact information of our ROC ambassadors for any problems with patient care, including access to same-day appointments.

How do I operate the different apps?

After logging into ROC Plus, you will be redirected to a landing page where all apps are hosted. Each app provides a step by step tutorial for first time users.