Patient is a 52-year-old nurse with long standing history of Rheumatoid Arthritis managed with medications for over 10 years. She has had progressive decline in her abilities to perform her job, activities of daily living and has begun having chronic pain in her elbows several years ago. She has received several injections in to both of her elbows without any significant relief of her pain and continued her progressive decline of functionality at home, work and self care. She was referred to ROC for evaluation and further treatment. She was seen by Dr. Yevgeny Shuhatovich, who recommended an elbow replacement of her left elbow which was more painful than the right. Dr. Shuhatovich also discussed with the patient that after the left elbow healed, her right elbow would need replacement as well.

The patient underwent a left total elbow replacement and 6 weeks after surgery had full range of motion and absolutely no pain. She then underwent her right total elbow replacement 2 months after the left. She now has excellent range of motion of both elbows and absolutely no elbow pain. The difficult part of the process now is limit the patient’s activities, because she has missed 10 years of her life due to pain. The patient is back at work and is very careful at following her specific lifting and activity instructions. She has also resumed her hobbies.