With nice weather approaching and summer right around the corner we expect that more people will be finding themselves wanting to engage in outdoor activities. Outdoor biking is a great and fun way to exercise alone or with groups of people. While biking can be fun there are some safety precautions you should be aware of other than the most important – wearing a helmet! We’ve put together a list of four simple tips you should know before going out for a bike ride this year.


1. Adjust your bike.

Before hopping on a bike you want to make sure that it is adjusted properly to your height to avoid any accidental strain on the body. You are more prone to stress injuries when your body does not fit on the bike correctly.


2. Warm up!

Warming up the body before any exercise or physical activity is a great habit to start if you haven’t already. When preparing for a bike ride it is especially important to focus on your hands to prevent injury to small joints located in the hands as well as the wrists. You can do so by rolling wrists one way a few time and then in the opposite direction. Open and close fists multiple times.


3. Safe handlebar positioning.

The positioning of your bike’s handlebars is important in keeping wrists safe while riding the bike. Investing in handlebars that have an 8-10 degree sweep will make it easier on your hands and wrists on bike rides. It’s important to be aware of straight handlebars because of the compromising position your hands will naturally shift to. Handlebars that have a good degree of sweep will lead to smooth bike riding that allows you to have a stronger grip and prevent joint pressure on thumbs.


4. Add a suspension fork.

If you find yourself taking bike rides on roads or rocky terrain it’s a great idea to consider getting a suspension fork for your bicycle. The addition of this simple attachment will help to absorb the shock that your upper body would naturally absorb otherwise.


Considering these four simple things will allow you to have a fun and safe bike ride. Remember the golden week if you do happen to sustain an injury while out bike riding. An injury will always begin to heal th day of the injury proving that it is critical to be seen by a doctor within the same week to ensure successful recovery.