Stiff Knee

Stiff knee, also referred to as arthrofibrosis, is a condition that is associated with moderate to severe pain with knee motion.


After injury, patients can develop decrease range of motion as a consequence of swelling, pain, and scar formation occurring with significant adhesions that bind various tissue layers. When inflammation is present, the wrist capsule thickens becoming less elastic and the tendons can get trapped in the scar adhesions that develop. The Radiocarpal joint and the Distal Radio- Ulnar joint of the wrist can both be affected. This problem is easier to prevent than to treat so an aggressive and early motion program is imperative to avoid permanent joint stiffness.


A well structured therapy program will maximize the potential of regaining wrist motion. By use of different therapy modalities combined with an Active Assisted and Passive Range of Motion program and the use of Functional Electric Stimulation, Tendon Preload/Release and Static Progressive Splinting, the best outcomes are achieved. Your surgeon at the ROC will discuss a plan to prevent this too frequent and potentially debilitating complication.