The Reconstructive Orthopedic Center (ROC) in Houston is proud to introduce a new browser app which will revolutionize the way many access injury diagnosis and emergency surgery. Traditionally, an injured patient would be referred to a specialist by their general practitioner or pediatrician, a process which could take days or even weeks. Now, with ASAP (Ambulatory Surgical Assessment Program), patients can consult with a ROC orthopedic surgeon from the sports field, the playground, the job site, or anywhere else there’s an internet connection.

“Many patients with injuries requiring surgery experience faster recovery and pain relief when they receive same-day treatment,” explains Dr. Marcos Masson, ROC Founder. “ASAP negates the need for extraneous appointments and prolonged waiting in pain for treatment. The sooner you treat a traumatic injury, the faster your recovery time will be, and the sooner you can resume normal life.”

Through ASAP, ROC orthopedic surgeons can be reached 24/7. Patients can bypass hours at the ER and germ ridden waiting rooms with the simple click of a button. But ASAP isn’t only for patients. Medical practitioners also use the app to have their patient’s injuries reviewed and treated faster. Based on the nature of the injury, symptoms, and any available radiographs or lab work, the ASAP consulting physician will recommend treatment, ranging from routine follow-up to immediate surgical intervention. Same day surgeries can be scheduled through the ROC Urgent Care Program. Based in Houston, ROC serves patients throughout Texas, surrounding states, and Mexico.

“It’s important to carefully but quickly evaluate traumatic injuries to optimize healing time for the patient,” explains Dr. Masson. “In the case that emergency surgery is indicated, patients can experience faster healing, resulting in decreased time off from work or school. Same day surgery can also reduce the risk of infection and other complications, and it reduces the risk of the injury becoming exacerbated due to improper care or movement while waiting for referral after referral.”

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