As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey affected many Houstonians. Thousands of homes were washed away and flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people were affected in this historic tragedy. Many people sustained serious injuries while trying to escape the flood waters. Some conservative estimates rate the damage at 100 Billion Dollars.

At ROC, we were one of the first centers open to help people needing evaluation and treatment. Just as Harvey was making its final turn over Houston, a young man showed up at the clinic with a haphazardly splinted left arm. As he walked in, it was clear, that his injury was serious. There was a lot of pain in his eyes as he clutched his left arm close to his body.

He was immediately seen by Dr. Yevgeny Shuhatovich. As his arm was unwrapped, it had no stability in it. It just dangled freely. The doctor asked what happened. Through tears of pain, the patient told his story. As the Hurricane was picking up, the patient had to climb onto his roof to escape the flood waters. As he climbed onto his roof, it caved in and broke. The patient fell through his roof and landed into his left arm. He heard a loud pop and noted that he lost control of his forearm completely. He could not hold it up at all. It just fell with all its weight.

Dr. Shuhatovich diagnosed the patient with a fracture of both radius and ulna bones in his forearm. The patient underwent a surgical procedure the next morning. His radius and ulna bones were both fixed with plates and screws. In the photos below, the reader can see one of the broken bones in the incision. The X-ray image taken at the time of surgery shows both bones fixed by two plates and screws. The other two images show restored motion and stability two weeks after the surgery.

After surgery, the patient recovered quickly. He diligently did all the exercises that were prescribed. At two weeks, his sutures were removed. 3 months after, his bones were healed and he resumed all his usual activity. Now, the hardest part begins as he has to rebuild his life after Harvey.