It is not often that we get a privilege to save someone else’s life. This rare privilege had presented itself on the doorsteps of Reconstructive Orthopedic Center. Our emergency coordinators got a call from one of the occupational medicine clinics, that a strange medical condition was on the way. The patient arrived smiling, pleasant and had a very happy disposition. He walked in normally into the office, sat down in the room, greeted the physician and started telling his story.

A few hours ago, he was working his regular job, milling rubber, a job that he was doing for many years. All of a sudden he lost all strength in his left hand. He did not think much of it, but the suddenness of the situation and the fact that he completely dropped everything he was holding, prompted him to report this to his supervisor. The supervisor took the patient to an occupational medicine clinic, who then urgently referred the patient to ROC.

Upon his examination, this was not a problem that usually comes through our doors. The patient had weakness of the fingers and wrist of the left hand. Everything on the remainder of the examination was normal. He had completely normal sensation and did not complain of pain. All further neurologic and musculoskeletal examination was normal.

The examining physician suspected a severe sudden neurologic problem, the most important of which is a stroke. The patient was emergently referred to an Emergency room for evaluation of stroke, he had an MRI of the brain which indeed revealed a large stroke involving the right brain hemisphere. A neurologist immediately saw the patient and the management of this massive stroke continued. Today, the patient is doing well and is very happy that he is alive and thanks the physicians at the ROC for saving his life.