Patient is a 30 year old carpenter who was using a table saw to cut wood. The dangers of using a table saw could not be overstated. The board that he was cutting, kicked and brought his forearm straight onto the rotating blade of the table saw. This severed nearly all tendons, nerves and arteries of the forearm. The patient was emergently brought to ROC directly from the woodshop. He was examined by Dr. Yevgeny Shuhatovich. The patient was taken to surgery within 30 minutes of presentation in order to restore blood flow to his forearm, hand and fingers. This was done using a microscope and by repairing both major arteries in the forearm. Once the blood flow was restored, each tendon was carefully repaired in order to restore both functionality of the finger motion and wrist motion. Each nerve was repaired using a microscope in order to restore all sensation in the forearm, hand and fingers as well as muscle function of the hand. The patient has then undergone a very intensive therapy regimen. He also constantly exercised his fingers, hand and wrist at home using the exercises prescribed by Dr. Shuhatovich. Today, the patient returned to his regular work. Although his sensation is still improving, the patient is able to feel with each one of his fingers and use the previously injured hand for all his activities at work and home.

Restoration of blood flow is the most critical part of this kind of operation. Waiting for several hours increases the chances that the patient will need to have an amputation. The closer to the shoulder the cut, the less time that patient has to restore blood flow to the injured hand. This patient presented within 1 hour of his injury and therefore his reconstruction was a success. The second most significant factor is that he was taken to the operating room within 30 minutes of presentation. Any delays at any stage will adversely affect a patient’s outcome. The patient could not be more thankful to the doctors at ROC for saving his hand and its function.